Mission Creed


The Church of Christ Uniting is a Community of Christians Uniting for Service.  We trust in God, follow Jesus Christ, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit of truth and love.

We believe God has created One Body of Christ, the Church.  Through our faith, our witness, worship, fellowship and ministries, we help to make this Body of Christ visible.  We are a union of United Methodist and Presbyterian congregations, merged for mission, supportive of both denominations and committed to using all our resources for mission and ministry.

We are called to be a community of faith, challenge, forgiveness and hope. We gather to celebrate our faith in the triune God through worship and through study of God’s actions and Jesus’ teachings in Scripture.

We strive to welcome everyone into our community of faith, as we unite and reach out to serve all people. 

We endeavor to minister with all who strive for wholeness of body, mind, and spirit by revealing the love of God and the healing power of the Gospel.  We also seek to minister to persons struggling with the challenges of this world. 

God sends us into the world to accept the cost and discover the joy of discipleship. We are meant to serve others, joyfully becoming new creations by the Power of God’s grace.

Thanks be to God!