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Help, Hope, Healing

These are the words that describe Stephen Ministry.  The Stephen Minister’s role is to bring God’s love into the lives of people who are going through a difficult time – loss of a loved one, loneliness, cancer, a layoff, relocation, divorce, a spiritual crisis, recuperation, single parenthood, caregiver for another, etc.

Who Are Stephen Ministers?  God never meant for us to be alone to face life challenges.  Talking with another caring individual who is not a family member or friend can be a rewarding experience.  Our Stephen Ministers have had 50 hours of training to include active listening skills, conflict management, responding to grief, aging, depression, spirituality.

What do Stephen Ministers do?  They will meet with you once a week for approximately one hour.  They listen to you, care for you, support and encourage you, and pray with and for you.  In the midst of this confidential, one-to-one, caring relationship, God’s healing love comes pouring through.

If you or someone you know is facing a crisis–large or small–and could benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, please contact one of our Stephen Leaders:

Donna Dickinson – 570-814-6713 (cell)                                                           Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Fleming – 570-578-9425 (cell)

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.- Galatians 6: 2



New Class of Stephen Ministers is Forming

We are ready to start a new class of Stephen Ministers in February 2014 and are asking YOU to prayerfully bring this request to God.  Many Stephen Ministers didn’t know if they had the gift for this ministry until they talked with the Stephen Leaders and prayed. Stephen Ministers are congregation members who are recruited, selected, trained, and commissioned to provide one-to-one lay caring ministry to people going through a crisis or chronic problem (loss of spouse, divorce, long term care, hospitalization, terminal illness of self or family member, loss of job, etc.).

What Stephen Ministers Do?

Attend and participate in a 50-hour training program; agree to a 24-month commitment of service; pray; care for the care receiver; maintain confidentiality; help identify people in need of Stephen Ministry; participate in twice-monthly supervision & continuing ed. sessions; help the congregation understand and appreciate Stephen Ministry.  Check out the videos at: and

Application Process:  (1) Pick up packet from the church office; (2) Complete application & return in sealed envelope to office by December 20; (3) Interviews during the week of January 6; (4) Letters to approved applicants by January 17; (5) First training session – Sunday, February 2 

Any questions, contact Stephen Leader Donna Dickinson at 696-2539.


Stephen Ministry

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration but it can also be a time of pain …. when your spouse is diagnosed with cancer, think Stephen; when the pink slip is handed out at work, think Stephen; when the divorce papers arrive in the mailbox, think Stephen; when Mom or Dad start forgetting when they last had a meal, think Stephen; when your child graduates from college and moves away, think Stephen; when your friend is an alcoholic, think Stephen.

“We have so many needs for care in my own congregation, and there are people who may not be strong enough or persistent enough to find the care they need. They are out there pulling the covers over their heads. I want to help hurting people who are all alone in their pain.”

This Advent meet our Stephen Ministers:

December 16 – Greeters

December 23 – Lighting the Advent Candle

If you want a friend to walk with you during the tough times, call one of our Stephen Leaders: Rev. Dr. Carol Fleming or Donna Dickinson at 288-8434

Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training to provide Christian care giving in a confidential manner. They will meet with a care receiver approximately one hour per week for as long as necessary.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28