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Installation of Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Fleming

Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Fleming, Senior Pastor of Church of Christ Uniting, will be installed as Moderator of Lackawanna Presbytery during the Presbytery’s Stated Meeting on Saturday, January 25th.  The meeting begins at 9:30 A.M. and will be held at Church of Christ Uniting, 190 S. Sprague Ave., Kingston.

For more information about the Lackawanna Presbytery and the schedule for the stated meeting please visit the presbytery’s website at


Volunteers help First Presbyterian West Pittston

Thank you to all the volunteers that have rolled up their sleeves, donned masks and taken on cleanup work in West Pittston. This past Sunday a group from COCU helped out at First Presbyterian West Pittston, whose building suffered extensive damage during recent flooding.

The following aired on WNEP on September 25. Pastor Carol’s soundbite is at about the one-minute mark. Much more help will be needed as West Pittston rebuilds and COCU will continue to send out workgroups. For specific needs at First Presbyterian West Pittston please contact the church directly at (570) 654-8121.


May 24 – Honoring our Graduates and Firemen

Congratulations to our graduates!

Please join us to honor our graduates this Sunday during worship service, followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

Thank you to our firemen for all you do to keep our community safe!

As we will also be honoring our firemen during the worship service, we anticipate that our parking lot and worship auditorium will fill up quickly. We recommend that you allow a few extra minutes to find parking and seating.


Tribute to Libby Hirner

If I were musically inclined I might set this tribute in song. Something like the nuns in The Sound of Music trying to sum up their complicated novice as they sang … ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’

How do we describe a person like Libby?

She ‘came with the merger’ as a Presbyterian among Methodists – Staunchly and faithfully representing Presbyterian policy for us. As the Clerk of Session and Secretary to Council for 36 years …

Her methodical recording is usually ‘without exception’ as reviewed annually by the Presbytery of Lackawanna since she faithfully upholds our Presbyterian motto – to do things ‘decently and in order’- according to the book of order of our denomination that is – proudly wearing the PCUSA cross

Recording 360 sets of minutes… 10 meetings a year for 36 years

And 36 separate annual meetings of our congregation…

which includes working with 4 different pastors

and numerous different chairpersons of committees… to read the hieroglyphics of handwriting and interpret ministries for the congregation

Libby served on many of those committees herself…taking on special roles particularly as a communion steward – the one who button-holed and then trained all of our members who served communion in many different styles;

Coming forward for Intinction, in the pews, at the rail-

we all marched to her set of directions

Libby spent many fellowship hours hunting for those who would serve as Sunday liturgists to read scripture for the congregation

No one wanted to say no to Libby – she has a persuasive way of “telling it like it is”- mostly because she is usually willing to get the job done well and on time – as long as it doesn’t involve using ‘new’ technologies like computers, and emails, and instant messages… she prefers face to face and usually isn’t shy about expressing her own opinion, whether shared or not.

Libby has a love of history; as seen in her work with DAR and the cemetery, her knowledge of the valley and its residents is a deep and abiding love- shared only with her love of family and especially her grandchildren

So Libby – you are not a ‘problem’ to be solved, but our friend for whom we are grateful as we acknowledge and THANK YOU for your many years of dedicated service to Church of Christ Uniting.