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Buzz Groups’ Upcoming Meetings

If you weren’t with us on March 22nd please make sure to sign up for one of the Program Planning Buzz Groups and help us to plan the next steps together in COCU’s future ministries!

We will be meeting on Sundays, April 12th and April 19th in the conference room at 11:30am after church worship.  We will also meet on Tuesday, April 14th at 6pm in the conference room and Thursday, April 16th at 6pm in the conference room.  These small groups will have a facilitator to ask the prepared questions and a recorder to take notes.  No meeting will last more than one hour.   Please make sure to have your voice/opinion heard.


Pictures from Church Without Walls

On Sunday, September 29th the congregation of Church of Christ Uniting along with friends from the community joined in the Church without Walls Project.  Together over 60 people joined together and used their talents, grace and love to work on over a dozen community service projects to serve others.  The following are some pictures documenting the day.

To enlarge a picture, click on the picture with your left mouse button.

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Church Without Walls- September 29, 2013

Where:  Surrounding Communities around Church of Christ Uniting & Fellowship Hall of Church of Christ Uniting, Kingston

When:  Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 10AM

Who:  All congregation members, family members, friends, and anyone in the community who would like to help others in the community.   All ages are welcome and childcare will be provided.

Church without Walls is exactly that; participating in church on Sunday outside of the building by helping others.  There will be no worship service inside the Church of Christ Uniting building September 29th.  Instead, we will be a church out in the surrounding communities* involved in hands on mission projects.  It will help us build fellowship among our church members and community.  The projects that have been chosen and the people we will be helping in the community will prove to be a faith-building experience.

You can sign-up for one of the many projects listed below on Rally Day, Sunday, September 8th in Fellowship Hall after worship.   As you can see, there will be lots of projects to choose from that all ages, skill levels and abilities can participate in.

Celebration:   Wesley Village; Make a Joyful Noise; Music and Fellowship                               

Church and Community:  Pre-School Library Project- in church

Education:  Catherine McAuley House Kits- in church

Emergency Assistance, S. Gifts, Mary’s Group: UMCOR Sewing and Health Kits

Finance:  Meal for Vision

Member Dev. and Care:  Soup Kitchen and Coordination with Other Committees

Mission:  Habitat for Humanity

Personnel:  Hospital Kits for Children- in church

Program Planning:  Ruth’s Place

Property:  Kingston Park Clean-Up

Stitch Ministry:  Crochet/ Knit Items and Tie Blankets for Soup Kitchen- in church                

Sunday School and Youth Group:  Inspiration Rally through Community

*There will be some projects located in Fellowship Hall.  Most include putting kits together or making items to be donated.


Family Gym & Swim Event

Program Planning is sponsoring a Gym & Swim Event at Wyoming Seminary on Sunday, January 29th from 3pm-6pm.  Families will have the use of Wyoming Seminary’s pool and gym during the event.  There will be a lifeguard on duty.  This event is free and there will be a light supper provided from 5pm-6pm.  Please register by January 26th to let us know you are coming.  Register on our website’s event page.