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Church Apartment For Rent

The apartment over the Church garage is available for rent. Three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, eat-in kitchen, off-street parking. $800 per month rent includes heat, water, sewer and electric (tenant is responsible for cable, phone, and internet). No smoking, no pets. First month’s rent plus one month’s security. One-year lease required. Inquire at Church office (570-288-8434) or Charlie Dancheck (570-814-8198).


Pictures from Church Without Walls

On Sunday, September 29th the congregation of Church of Christ Uniting along with friends from the community joined in the Church without Walls Project.  Together over 60 people joined together and used their talents, grace and love to work on over a dozen community service projects to serve others.  The following are some pictures documenting the day.

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[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] 01.JPG02.JPG03.JPG04.JPG05.JPG06.JPG07.JPG08.JPG09.JPG10.JPG11.JPG12.JPG13.JPG14.JPG15.JPG16.JPG17.JPG17a.JPG17b.JPG17c.JPG17d.JPG17e.JPG17f.JPG17g.JPG17h.JPG17i.JPG18.JPG19.JPG20.JPG21.JPG22.JPG23.JPG24.JPG25.JPG26.JPG27.JPG28.JPG29.JPG29a.JPG30.JPG31.JPG32.JPG32a.JPG32b.JPG32c.JPG32d.JPG32e.JPG32f.JPG32g.JPG33.JPG34.JPG34a.JPG34b.JPG35.JPG35a.JPG36.JPG36a.JPG37.JPG37a.JPG38.JPG39.JPG40.JPG41.JPG42.JPG42a.JPG43.JPG44.JPG45.JPG47.jpg48.jpg49.jpg50.jpg[/pe2-gallery]


Property Update

The Property Ministry Team and the Parish Council have approved two major projects for the church. In conjunction with a roofing consultant, it has been decided to make repairs and significantly upgrade the flat roofs over Fellowship Hall, the S3 apartment, and the Education wing of the church. The upgrading of the flat roofs comes with a fifteen year warranty and is very cost effective compared to replacing the roof. The cost for this project is in the $40,000 to $45,000 range depending on what is found when the roof is removed from the areas to be repaired.

A number of the ranks of pipes in the church organ need major work in terms of tuning. This work will greatly improve the proper volume, clarity and timber of the sound of the instrument. The proposed work will cost $4,400 and will be done during the week between Sunday services.

The church does not have these funds available in the annual budget and is only able to accomplish these projects because of the generosity of bequests to the endowment fund from the estates of deceased members.